On Valentine’s day

Those occasions all happened in Damascus and Berlin, on normal days in the old home in Yarmouk and the white room in Pankow, Facebook reminded me of them

I think I am now in love, I certainly I am, this is the first time I pass the greened eyes man who sells accessories on the bus stop of our house without having a look if he is checking me out .. I don’t care, I am certainly in love.

No more long distance relationships, no more waiting. No more virtual love.

We all can afford tulips, so why to get one?

I am home now, my mother would know that right away from the moment I entered the building, I start either singing or whistling, my uncle would open his flat door to shut at me that it’s nap time, my mother would tell that whistling is a call for demons. I would ask her for lunch, and stop whistling till tomorrow.

Someone found my blog through google search: what does a girl do when she is alone in her free time.

Two days ago, I was convinced that love is not my currency, but today is different.


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